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We are Forgotten Frontiers, an independent group of researchers and media specialists working nonstop for over four years to uncover the greatest untold mystery in National Park Service history . Our findings reveal a unique chapter of Texas history and rewrite the founding history of Big Bend National Park.

Our work was originally inspired by the discovery of a cache of 34 letters mailed to Albert William Dorgan—a mysterious resident of Big Bend from 1929 to 1943. Research progressed slowly through 2014, until we realized that we were not simply dealing with a mysterious man, but rather a mysterious man connected to a massive conspiracy.

Solving historical mysteries is hard. Solving mysteries no one knows exist is infinitely more difficult. To crack the code of Albert Dorgan, we literally pioneered our own field of Texas New Deal studies along the Rio Grande. After nearly two years, we are ready to share our discoveries and invite others to join the hunt to uncover more of this unique chapter of Texas and American history–hidden for over 75 years.

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